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Aerosols BG aerosol products clean, brighten, lubricate, and protect. Bumper to bumper.
Battery The BG Battery Service battles corrosion, your battery's arch-enemy. The service preserves the battery's full power for easy, immediate starting.
Brake The BG Brake Service goes to the heart of your vehicle's safe operation. Regular flushing and replacement of brake fluid has become a requirement in virtually all auto manufacturers' maintenance programs. Other BG products address the efficiency of the braking system, while eliminating brake squeal and chatter.
Climate Control The BG Climate Control Service extends the life and enhances the performance of systems that contribute so much to your driving enjoyment. The service also eliminates odors and controls contaminants — bacteria, mold, spores, fungi, and road grime — in the system.
Cooling System Because over-heating is the leading cause of roadside breakdowns, BG attaches special emphasis to our Cooling System Service, a comprehensive set of products and tools to ensure reliable performance of this all-important system.
Diesel The BG Diesel Service addresses the needs of these specialized powerplants by restoring lost performance and preventing costly repairs. This service will reduce overall maintenance costs, while ensuring long, productive lives for diesel engines.
Drive Line The BG Drive Line Service guarantees the smooth, quiet operation of axles, transfer cases, and gears for front-wheel-drive transmissions, all rear-wheel drives, and all four-wheel drive transmissions. Too often overlooked in even scrupulous programs of maintenance, these BG products contribute meaningfully to the overall economy and efficiency of your vehicle's operation.
Engine Oil The BG Engine Oil Service will protect your engine under even the most severe stop-and-go, high temperature driving conditions — the all-too-frequent sort of driving that can severely shorten engine life. At the same time, this critical service will reduce operational costs and enhance engine performance.
Fleet/Industrial BG fleet and industrial products address the particular needs of businesses relying on the widespread use of vehicles, manufacturing and processing equipment, and other specialized applications.
Fuel/Air Induction BG Fuel/Air Induction Service will improve fuel economy, reduce environmentally damaging exhaust emissions, and restore the great fun of like-new driveability to your vehicle.
Greases BG greases have been formulated for long-term protection in automotive, marine, and industrial applications. These greases will also perform in such highly specific lubricating uses as in rock crushers or pile drivers. A grease for every need.
Power Steering The BG Power Steering Service removes residues from the entire steering system, ensuring smooth, quiet operation while preventing leaks, sticking, and wear of parts.
Specialty BG specialty products: focused, effective, efficient, economical.
Tools & Machines BG tools are specifically designed to operate with BG chemicals and effectively perform BG services.
Transmission The BG Transmission Service extends transmission life, eliminates such problems as transmission "shudder," and reduces overall maintenance costs.

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