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702 702: BG Frigi-Quiet® II

BG Frigi-Quiet®II is a Polyol Ester synthetic base lubricant which is compatible with R-134a, R-12 and R-22 refrigerants. It is also compatible with both PAG and mineral base refrigerant oils. BG Frigi-Quiet® II is less than 10 percent as hygroscopic as PAG oils and is not corrosive or harmful to painted surfaces as the PAG oils are. Formulated with unique anti-wear ingredients which extend compressor life and provide quieter, smoother operation. To be used when retrofitting an R-12 system to R-134a or when oil is required. BG Frigi-Quiet®II contains a fluorescent dye to aid in the detection of leaks by using a long wave UV light. View/print SDS
704 704: BG Frigi-Charge™

BG Frigi-Charge™ improves the efficiency of all R-134a refrigerant air conditioning systems. It helps extend compressor life by reducing friction and operating temperatures. It provides for an overall quieter and cooler running A/C system. View/print SDS
708 708: BG Frigi-Fresh®

BG Frigi-Fresh® is formulated to quickly and effectively eliminate foul, musty odors from automobile air conditioning systems. It kills mold, mildew and other odor-producing organisms that grow in the evaporator core and housing. Powerful deodorizers in BG Frigi-Fresh® keep the automobile interior smelling fresh and clean. EPA Reg. No. 44446-20-67145. View/print SDS
709 709: BG Frigi-Clean®

Odors, bacteria, mold, spores, fungi, road grime, nicotine oils and debris accumulate in your car’s air conditioning evaporator. BG Frigi-Clean® restores heating/cooling efficiency and freshens interior air. It is a unique cleaning solution designed to quickly and effectively remove foul odors, bacteria, mold, spores, fungi, road grime, nicotine oils and debris that accumulate in your car’s air conditioning evaporator. BG Frigi-Clean® is injected directly into the evaporator case. It foams up to completely fill the evaporator core where it also blasts away bug parts, pet hair, nicotine residue and other garbage. BG Frigi-Clean® is bio-degradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive. View/print SDS
711 711: BG Frigi-Flush® II

BG Frigi-Flush®II is a new generation flushing fluid that is compatible with both R-12 and R-134a charged auto air conditioning systems. It will quickly and effectively flush oil and debris from auto air conditioning systems. BG Frigi-Flush®II is designed for use with BG Frigi-Flush’r Apparatus, Part No. 911. View/print SDS

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