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105 105: BG Quick Clean for Engines

BG Quick Clean for Engines restores power and performance to your engine by rapidly and effectively removing accumulated deposits that form in the piston ring belt, hydraulic lifters, rocker arms and other critical engine parts. Add BG Quick Clean to the oil, then run engine for 10-15 minutes. When the old oil is drained, contaminants are quickly flushed away. View/print SDS
107 107: BG RF-7

BG RF-7 is a specially developed formula for engine oil which helps increase engine compression and power by increasing the viscosity of the oil. It also helps seal rings to increase compression and reduce blow-by. BG RF-7 contains additives which keep the engine oil from oxidizing or thickening, and it protects internal parts from corrosive damage. It will help reduce oil consumption and exhaust smoke and will reduce lifter and valve noise. BG RF-7 is compatible with both synthetic and petroleum-base oils. View/print SDS
110 110: BG MOA®

BG MOA® prevents oxidation and thickening of engine oil under even the most severe stop-and-go, high temperature driving conditions. It fortifies all qualities of engine oil to provide superior long-lasting engine protection and helps maintain optimum engine performance. BG MOA® keeps piston ring belts, hydraulic lifters and other engine components clean to help extend engine life and reduce costs of operation. It is compatible with both synthetic and petroleum-base oils. The Thin Film Oxidation Uptake Test (TFOUT), ASTM Test Method D4742, proves BG MOA’s remarkable resistance to oxidation by more than 200% longer than six major brands of SL quality oil. At the conclusion of the API Sequence IIIF Engine Test‚ a major brand, high-quality reference oil barely passed the 80-hour test with a viscosity increase of 255 percent. At 80 hours, another brand of oil fortified with BG MOA® had a viscosity increase of only 57 percent. At the conclusion of the triple-length, 240-hour test, it was still well within the viscosity limits with an increase of only 198 percent. View/print SDS
116 116: BG Engine Performance Concentrate

Premier protection for small engines. Used with each oil change, BG EPC enhances and prolongs the performance of detergents, dispersants, corrosion inhibitors, anti-oxidant and anti-wear additives in engine oil. BG EPC helps maintain engine cleanliness and performance under tough operating conditions. BG EPC can also be used between oil changes to boost engine oil performance. It is compatible with both synthetic and petroleum-base oils. View/print SDS
120 120: BG Engine Purge

BG Engine Purge is not an ordinary engine flush. It is an effective blend of solvents and dispersants which will quickly and safely remove accumulated sludge and other deposits from the engine. It can actually restore compression by removing soot and deposits from around the rings; hence, the compression rings seal in compression gasses. BG Engine Purge does not contain harmful chlorinated solvents. It may be used in conventional, diesel and rotary engines. View/print SDS
7141 7141: BG Extra Duty Engine Oil

BG Extra Duty 15W-40 Engine Oil is an advanced high performance, heavy duty oil. It is fortified with improved anti-oxidant additives to protect against oil degradation which is accelerated by the conditions present in today’s heavily loaded engines. Deposit build-up can lead to bore polishing and ring and cylinder wear. BG Extra Duty helps prevent deposit formation. View/print SDS
730 730: BG Hi-L0W30 High Performance Engine Oil

BG Hi-L0W30 is a revolutionary synthetic engine oil utilizing the most shear stable polymer technology available. Designed for passenger cars, vans and light trucks, BG Hi-L0W30 flows immediately to lubricate vital engine components, even at temperatures as low as 50 degrees below zero. It is an excellent product for arctic conditions. Provides long drain life of 15,000 miles. Contains BG MOA®. View/print SDS
775 775: BG Shear Power® Semi-synthetic 4-Cycle Engine Oil

BG Shear Power® Semi-synthetic 4-Cycle Engine Oil exceeds manufacturers’ requirements for four-stroke cycle air-cooled and water-cooled engines. This is a semi-synthetic series with all highly volatile petroleum fractions removed for excellent oil consumption control. It incorporates the most shear stable of polymers enabling each viscosity to stay in-grade under long drain interval conditions. It contains special anti-wear ingredients which have the effect of smoothing and sealing the surfaces of moving parts under high stress, high load conditions. Thus, engine components are protected from damage far beyond the capability of ordinary engine oil. Formulated with BG MOA®, BG Shear Power® will resist thickening and oxidation degradation. It provides superior protection from ring land deposits, piston scuffing, bore polish and component wear. View/print SDS

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