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3053 3053: BG Heavy Duty Concentrate For Industry

BG Heavy Duty Concentrate For Industry may be used to enhance the properties of lubricants used in a variety of applications and over a wide range of operating conditions. The combination of thermal stability, hydrolytic stability, extreme pressure and anti-wear characteristics provide added protection for in-plant and mobile equipment. BG Heavy Duty Concentrate For Industry in hydraulic systems enhances the performance characteristics of hydraulic fluids, improves filterability, reduces foam, provides longer pump life and longer fluid life.
32553 32553: BG MGC® Multi-Gear Concentrate

BG MGC® is a technically advanced gear oil supplement that enhances lubricant film thickness and improves extreme pressure properties for gear surfaces and other moving parts under frictional conditions. Designed for use in all types of manual industrial transmission applications. BG MGC® offers many unique performance benefits: smooths manual transmission shifting characteristics, reduces gear box temperature, reduces component wear, improves demulsability, enhances thermal stability, extends oil service life and cuts maintenance costs. This product is a part of the BG TDC® program.
74553 74553: BG Gear Oils

This is a premium gear oil series. They are multi-purpose products that meet the API GL-5 service classification. They can be used in any transmission, differential, transfer case or any industrial gear box requiring a GL-4 or GL-5 product of applicable viscosity. They are specifically formulated to provide high load-carrying characteristics. The extreme pressure additive system protects against scuffing and scoring under shock and continuous heavy load conditions. Special additives prevent foaming, emulsifying, rust, corrosion and oxidation. The thermally-stable oxidation package enables usage in gear sets incorporating brass or bronze synchronizers.
7465 7465: BG Extra Duty 80W-90 GL-5 Gear Oil

This gear oil provides excellent protection for gear sets requiring a high level of load carrying ability, including shock loadings. Made from selected premium base oils, it provides anti-foam, anti-rust, anti-corrosion and an extremely high level of oxidation inhibition. It has a tackiness agent and a red dye for those who prefer extra gear cling and/or color identification.
75053 75053: BG Ultra-Guard™

BG Ultra-Guard™ is the first “true” multi-purpose gear oil available in the industrial market. It is a synthetic (Polyalphaolefin) gear oil blended in SAE 75W-90 viscosity and can be used in all car and truck axle applications calling for a GL-5 gear oil. It can also be used in all truck standard transmissions and automotive manual transmissions, transaxles and transfer cases calling for GL-4 gear oil, engine oil or ATF, as long as viscometric requirements are statisfied. BG Ultra-Guard™ provides thermal stability, smoother gear shifting, optimum drive line efficiency, quieter operation, protection against wear, pitting and corrosion, seal compatibility and improved seal performance, improved fuel efficiency, reduced maintenance, long drain life, extended component life and application versatility. This product is a part of the BG TDC® program.
77555 77555: BG Shear Power® Semi-synthetic 4-Cycle Engine Oil

BG Shear Power® Semi-synthetic 4-Cycle Engine Oil exceeds manufacturers’ requirements for four-cycle air-cooled and water-cooled engines. This is a semi-synthetic series with all highly volatile petroleum fractions removed for excellent oil consumption control. It incorporates the most shear stable of polymers enabling each viscosity to stay in-grade under long drain interval conditions. It contains special anti-wear ingredients which have the effect of smoothing and sealing the surfaces of moving parts under high stress, high load conditions. Thus, engine components are protected from friction and damage far beyond the capability of ordinary engine oil. Formulated with BG MOA® Friction Fighter, Shear Power® will resist thickening and oxidation degradation. It provides superior protection from ring land deposits, piston scuffing, bore polish and component wear. This product is a part of the BG TDC® program.

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